Friday, February 17, 2012

Running Lean on Paper

Running Lean by Ash Maurya 

Running Lean is a story of the journey for a startup software company using the 4 steps and the Business model generation to get to the end. Ash tells an interesting pattern and it leads to the Lean Canvas. I have used often to help focus the conversation about a startup. 

Frequently the answers that are put into the Lean Canvas are not helpful. People are not working through the material at the right level.

Running Lean is now available in Paper. Ash walks through some of the specific approaches to addressing the Lean Canvas tool. It is very helpful to see specific examples. It provides a systematic approach to how to think about applying the Lean Startup Methodology to your startup.  It is a very interesting book. 


"Life is too short to build something that nobody wants"

"A Cycle called the Build-Measure-Learn Loop is called an experiment"

"First Sell Manually, Then Automate"

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